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Italian Funeral Services

Italian Funeral Services

While passing from life into death is something that happens to everyone, the way it is handled by different cultures can vary greatly. If you are part of an Italian family, you will want to ensure that your loved one’s Italian funeral is everything that they would come to expect. This all starts by leaning on the talents of an Italian funeral director who will be able to provide the most authentically Italian funeral service.

A Catholic service

The dominant religion in Italian culture is, of course, Catholicism, and this means that Italian funerals are generally traditional affairs. In some cultures, the funeral might be a time to celebrate the life of the deceased, and while this is always welcomed, the Catholic faith places more of an emphasis on mourning your loss and coming to terms with the grief of losing a loved one. At an Italian funeral service, guests tend to wear all black, or dark colours at least.

Other Italian funeral customs

There are some ways that Italian funerals might also seem quite strange to people who have never attended an Italian funeral before. Food is a huge part of Italian culture, and it also plays a role after death. Loved ones will typically bring home cooked casseroles, desserts, fruits, and wine to the closest family of the deceased, and following the funeral, you can expect to feast on a wide range of Italian fare.
In Italian culture, it’s also far more common to have an open casket. Not only is it important for the deceased to be on display, but you may also witness friends and family members kissing the deceased’s forehead or cheek as a mark of respect.
When the person is buried, they are often put into the soil or vault with their favourite material possessions. This is a way of ensuring that they do not return to the earth and are comfortable in death.

Italian Funeral Flowers

In Italy, chrysanthemums are linked to the 2nd of November, which is All Souls day, so they represent sadness and sorrow as they blossom in this month, and are often a part of Italian funerals. Blessed funerals can arrange funeral flowers for your service.

Songs at Italian funerals

With a traditional Catholic service, you can expect traditional Catholic songs for Italian funeral services, which would, of course, be sung in Italian. If Italian is not the first language of some of the attendees, it could be worth informing them of the Italian funeral songs that have been picked in advance.
If you wish to prepare for an Italian funeral in Sydney, we would be happy to guide you through every step of the process.

Popular Italian funeral songs include "Ave Maria", "The Prayer" and "Time to say goodbye". Listen to a selection of traditional Italian funeral songs sung by Maria Pellicano.

Funeral CarsHow to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy is a speech delivered or read at a memorial service to commemorate the life of the deceased.

By sharing experiences, expressing thoughts and feelings that honour and respect the deceased you help people to say farewell, and remember what made them special.

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