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How to Write a Eulogy

How to write a eulogy

How to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy is a speech delivered or read at a memorial service to commemorate the life of the deceased.
By sharing experiences, expressing thoughts and feelings that honour and respect the deceased you help people to say farewell, and remember what made them special.

Where to Turn to For Advice on How to Write a Eulogy

While writing from the heart matters most, it is also advisable to touch the important bases when writing a eulogy successfully.
Our funeral directors welcome requests from clients for assistance, and have considerable experience concerning how to write a eulogy in different cultural contexts.
If you are writing a eulogy you will likely have known the deceased well for many years, or have talked with close family members. Discussing the life of the deceased with others will surface more about their life and help with the grieving process.
Here is a typical order of presentation although every situation will be different.

An Example Eulogy Writing Format to Follow

Begin by welcoming the assembled guests. Remind them of the occasion. Mention any close family members present, and any other VIP’s.

  • Continue by describing the loved one’s childhood years, and growing up to adulthood. Where did their talents lie, single out a special achievement.
  • Next, touch on their spouse, partner or significant other. How did they meet? Was their path to love smooth? Break the ice. Relate an amusing anecdote.
  • Then speak about the person’s education and career. Mention academic and work achievements. Avoiding attempting a bio, just give the flavour.
  • Touch on the deceased’s achievements in their private life. What did they contribute? How did they make their world a better place?
  • Finally, mention the close family members left mourning by the passing.

Example Eulogies

Below are example eulogies you may find useful from around the web:

Handling Emotions When Writing a Eulogy

When pondering how to write a eulogy we leave you with this thought. It is perfectly okay to ‘wear your heart in your sleeve”, have a lump in your throat, and even shed a tear. And you don’t have to do it alone.
Talking with friends and family of the deceased will help both emotionally and with the content of the eulogy. You could even have someone help presenting the eulogy if you want support.

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